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It’s Time To Eliminate Spam From Your Life

If you’re like me, it seems like every day my to-do list grows longer but the days just get shorter. I have a million ideas, but it’s like I need a single life time just to complete one bullet point. So one day I was thinking about all my little daily inefficiencies and wasted time and it just hit me…

I spend a hell of a lot of time going through physical and digital mail every single day, and probably less than 1% of it actually affects my life. It’s fairly hard in 2015 to go a day without giving your personal information to a business, and what do they do with this information? They send you mail! If you get really unlucky, said business will then sell your information to other businesses, which results in even more mail!

I know I can’t be the only one inundated with this nonsense, so I wanted to do a little write up on how I’ve been correcting this problem in hopes that it will help you too. What I lay before you is a two pronged approach that will for once and for all stop the madness. Continue Reading →

My Valentines

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone.

I hope you’re spending it with the ones you love. If that’s not possible, or a restraining order forbids it from being possible, take the time to love yourself.

Time to buy the most expensive item on your Amazon Wish List.


Where’d All The Updates Go?

Oh, Uh…. I see I did it again. As I noted in the very first post that I made exactly one year ago, I seem to have a problem with building and abandoning websites. In the past it’s been out of disappointment of the site design, other times it was due to boredom.

The last 6 months were a little different. In September 2014 I started looking for a new job and before I knew it some pretty drastic life decisions were made, all for good reasons and with good outcomes. Between interviewing, moving back to Ohio, unpacking, Christmas, Holden, and clusters of laziness this site got tossed on the back burner.

I won’t make too many promises, but I can say I’m back in action and expect the regular updates to return. I’m working on repairs to my NAS (Network Attached Storage), and as soon as it’s up and running again I’ll make sure to shove a bunch of cute baby photos down everyone’s throat. There’s a decent draft running on unloading unneeded stress from your life by easily eliminating both electronic and snail mail spam. I’m also working on a killer virtual reality post that I think will get the people going. Thanks for your patience!

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Have Some Animal Photos

Thought I’d share a few of my favorite animal photos that I’ve taken over the years. Believe it or not, all of the “safari” shots were taken at The Wilds in Ohio. The rest are from The Columbus Zoo, the Sonoran Desert Museum (everything was very much alive) in Tucson, Arizona, and our Florida vacation. Continue Reading →


Gamescom 2014 Favorites

Early August the annual Gamescom gaming convention rocked Cologne, Germany. If you’re familiar with E3 in the US, then consider Gamescom the European equivalent. Many games were unveiled to the world for the first time, and other known games finally had real gameplay shown. I’d like to share what I was most interested in. Continue Reading →

Holden4_8mo (26)

Holden, Months 4-8

Originally I thought I’d do this every three months, but it turns out babies and owning a house are a lot of work. I promise Mom, you won’t have to wait so long for the next batch.

Amy and I have been having a lot of fun with Holdie lately. He’s always laughing, plays with everything in sight, and mastered crawling these last few weeks. Right now we’re experimenting with various solid purees, as expected he loves anything sweet and despises green veggies. He’s still in the early stages of working on his fine motor skills, but I’m not too worried considering his deep lineage of video games…

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Amy’s the true sports fan of the house. It’s not that I have anything against football or any other sport, but I’ve never been one to actively follow players or clear my schedule for a televised game. I’m not even certain I’ve watched a full basketball game since Jordan played. So, as you’d expect, this leads to me joking around about sports and yelling “FOOTBALL!!!” in the most deep and macho voice possible. Amy gave it a try this morning with Holdie and his reaction is priceless.


Enjoy The New Look

Hey everyone! Today I updated the site to a more modern theme. I don’t know about you, but I was kind of sick of the 90’s look of the previous version. I have a few kinks to work out and colors to swap, but otherwise it’s the same website. Keep an eye out for upcoming posts including:

  • My standing desk experience
  • The Oculus Rift
  • Amazon FireTV Review
  • How we cut cable

My Favorites From E3 2014

Warning: I’m a PC gamer, you may be jealous and/or disagree with my choices.

Yesterday marked the end of the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).
Here are my picks for the most awesome and interesting games that I want to play, in no particular order. If a developer didn’t show real gameplay, you won’t find it on this page. Continue Reading →


iOS 8 Is A Game Changer

Leading up to the 2014 World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC), I contemplated a future move to Android. My major gripe with anything iOS is that Apple does an amazing job curating the silky smooth iOS ecosystem but advanced usability leaves a lot to be desired. I’m a nerdy guy, and I’ve literally been using PCs since I was three years old (Amiga 500!). To be restricted from doing simple things like editing photos or sending addresses to Google Maps is offensive.

But I’ll tell you what, by the end of the iOS 8 conference all thoughts of Android were terminated.  Here’s a few reasons why I’m pumped. Continue Reading →

Nick Beard, Brendan Ekstrom, Anthony Green

Listen Up – Circa Survive/Foster The People/HRVRD

Once in a while someone will try to get to know me by asking “What type of music do you listen to?”. At that very moment there’s a lot running through my head. I imagine myself looking confused as I stumble to name something they will know. Historically my two favorite bands are Incubus (which all of you know) and Circa Survive, however the music I listen to throughout the course of a day can range from gangster rap to instrumental ambient music. Continue Reading →


Arizona Show And Tell

My best bud Chris is coming to Raleigh next month and I was thinking about our 2012 Arizona vacation. We flew into Phoenix and checked out Scottsdale, relaxed for several days in Sedona, admired the Grand Canyon, and spent the second half of our vacation with Chris at his home in Tucson.

I occasionally flip through these photos to find inner peace and relive great memories. Arizona is truly an incredible place, and I wouldn’t mind living in Sedona either. Continue Reading →


Can’t Login To WordPress With New iThemes Security?

In general WordPress security is quite lacking, and the consensus on the internet is that it should never be used without a security plugin. For years Better WP Security has reigned king and has had a near perfect track record… until it was commercialized and turned into iThemes Security two weeks ago. Since then many users, including myself, have been unable to log into the WordPress Admin panel because of a bug. Continue Reading →


Save Your Sight And Sleep With F.lux

If you’re like me then you often find yourself staring at a bright screen in a dimly lit room. This usually occurs right up until the point where you get ready for bed. Depending on the brightness of your screen, this can actually be quite painful to look at, and more importantly it may even affect your sleep. Here’s what the American Medical Association has to say about the subject:

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3 Months With Holden

On Monday baby Holden turned three months old, and thinking about it blows my mind a little. 100 days ago I was furiously covering burnt orange with bright yellow in nursery, building our first kitchen table, or maybe even complaining to someone at work about how I slept too much the night before.

Prior to Holden’s arrival my good friend Jason told me how his own infant son altered his life in the best way possible. When he was telling me this I understood his words, but understanding love and experiencing love for a child is a colossal difference. Every smile, every coo, and every hint of his forming personality makes all of those sleepless nights worth it.

And thank God, I finally have someone to play video games with.

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Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS + Nginx + WordPress + You

With a bit of trial and error, help from a friend, and a lot of luck I was able to get this website running. I’d like to briefly walk you through that journey by sharing what tutorials worked for me, other system tweaks required, and a few useful WordPress plugins. To be honest this post is a reminder for Future Ben in the event that the server crashes and I need to rebuilt the empire.* If you’re a first timer you may want to dive into the links listed, otherwise follow my ultra condensed list of Linux commands and get blogging.

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Mailman Snow 2014

Raleigh Snowpocalypse 2014

Two years ago if you told me the word “Snowpocalypse” would be used in North Carolina, I would have seriously questioned your mental stability. Both Amy and I have been fortunate enough to stay off the roads during this year’s snow and ice storm, but I snapped a few photos around the house that I wanted to share.  A week from now, the Raleigh snow will be a distant dream.

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Arizona Vacation 2012

Hello and Welcome

I’ve lost count of how many times I have constructed and abandoned since obtaining the domain in 2004. It’s unfortunately become a sick joke between those that have known me for 10 years, so I’m here today to say that this time things are different.

So… how is this different Ben?

Good question.

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